For office workers, work when the tea is very normal, but in general most people use insulation cup to drink tea, in fact it is not healthy to drink. Many people love tea cup with insulation, so that tea can preserve heat for a long time, actually this is wrong. And it is not the healthy right tea drink.We know the general in the tea contains a large amount of tea polyphenol, tannin, aromatic oil and a variety of vitamins, suitable for 80degrees around the water brewing. Insulation cup has the heat preservation function, if the insulation cup tea, tea long immersion in high temperature, constant temperature water, tea in the tea polyphenol, tannin and other substances will be a large number of leaching, the strong tea color, taste bitter. Because of the temperature has remained very high, in the tea fragrance oil will soon play out, reducing the tea should smell.Why tea cup with insulation is not good? General due to vitamin tolerance to high temperature, long time high temperature immersion will be destroyed in great quantities, not only reduce the nutritional value of tea, and long time high temperature immersion will make tea in the harmful substances increase. If long-term drinking this tea, easily lead to digestive system, cardiovascular system, nervous system and hematopoietic system of various aspects of disease, a health hazard. Therefore, tea should choose good air permeability of ceramic, as in the use of Zisha teapot tea, without losing the flavor and aroma of tea, do not. Winter warm, summer is not afraid of bad, summer is the preferred tea, so it is best not to use insulation Cup tea.


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