Aluminum:Lightweight, rugged material. Can't shatter. Appropriate for most outdoor pursuits.

All aluminum bottles use a lining that resists tastes and odors.  

One of the best-known makers of aluminum bottles, SIGG, made headlines in September 2009 when it acknowledged that, unknown to retailers and consumers, the epoxy-based liners used in its bottles prior to August 2008 contained BPA.

Since August 2008, SIGG says its bottles use a new taste-neutral, food-compatible "EcoCare" liner that it states is made from a powder-based copolyester and is free of BPA.

 To identify: Lightweight metal; often in a narrow profile; available in many colors.

 Pros: Low weight; very durable; retains few, if any, odors or tastes. Some models offer interesting exterior art. BPA free.

 Cons: Can dent (though without damaging lining in most cases). Transfers temperature of contents to its exterior. Not recommended for freezing or for accepting boiling water. Not for use in microwave ovens.

 Notes: Hand-washing is recommended due to narrow shape. Dishwasher use does no damage other than causing exterior to fade. SIGG recommends consumption of fruit juices within 12 hours to prevent fermenting.


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