Cups in daily life is not just used for drinking, also plays the role for decoration. Pretty cups not only stand for host’s appreciation of the beauty, also the feeling between lovers. You will be happy when you drinking with pretty cup.


The implied meaning to give cup as gift between lovers:

The cup with the same pronunciation as lifetime in Chinese. If a boy give you a cup, which means that he is pursuing your love before being lovers and is deep love and great longing when you are lovers.


Good saying like this,

1.        Give you a cup, company with you whole lifetime.

2.        Love not just to be said, should be in practice. I would like to company with you whole life, hold each other forever.


Send cups as gifts between teacher and student

1.        Happy Teachers’Day. I wish be the water in the cup to moisten your throat.

2.        The deep water in cup mean our wishes to you. Dear teacher, thanks for your work.


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The Meanings of the Cup